viernes, 20 de enero de 2017



He is tired because he has only come for one day to Los Angeles, specifically to Universal Studios, to tell us about 50 Shades Darker. It is the continuation of the famous love story between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Jamie Dornan appears with that beard that he left between filming and filming, a tight white T-shirt over his marked muscles, black jeans and a keen sense of humor in front of the questions I have prepared. He confesses that he has abandoned Twitter for fear of the terrible things they said about his family, that he does not intend to move to Los Angeles, although he is a city that he likes, and that he still does not see himself as the erotic icon in which he has converted him Christian Grey. This 34-year-old Irish actor also claims that when he does not work he takes refuge in his wife Amelia Warner and his two daughters and hides in his house in the British countryside, where Hollywood gossip has no room. And that fame can be a real black hole.

Do you feel like in purgatory reliving the experience of Christian Grey?
JAMIE: The farewell of a paper you've always enjoyed is bittersweet. When you finish a job that has taken several years of your life - the third part is already rolled and still to be released - you feel a mixture of relief and sadness. The same thing has happened to me with one of the television series that I starred (The Fall), let's say I find it strange to know that I will not re-inhabit the character of Grey.

I recently heard a dominatrix on the radio explaining how many of her clients were going to see her to de-stress. For the preparation of this character, how far did you dare to become like Christian Grey?
JAMIE: I opened the door to that world and I went in, I explored certain scenarios with dominatrix, the relationships that they establish ... but I was not part of any experience because I did not consider it necessary for the character. However, I do believe that it was important to know that world from within to understand it. It is interesting how many of the participants use it in different ways. For some, as you say, it is a way to vent, to de-stress, what for some is to massage or drink a drink, for others is to participate in a session with a dominatrix. The great mistake is to understand that in that world only man is dominant, when there are many women and many men who participate as submissive. I speak of powerful men who like to be dominated.

Let's talk about your relationship with Dakota. Is there still complicity between you two?
JAMIE: Of course! With any actor you work with you must create a relationship of trust and, in this case, the material and the scenarios in which we were involved demanded that complicity. Dakota and I respect each other a lot, we are friends, and we find in humor a form of relief from tension, of discharge, that is important when it comes to shooting complicated scenes. Without the confidence that exists between us, we would be screwed.

Was there some scene more uncomfortable to shoot than another, some that you said you did not want to do?
JAMIE: Dakota and I understood each other very well and we knew at every moment how far we could go. And the director too. We were all on the same side and, like any job, if something did not seem right, we said it.

Are you afraid that it happens to you two like Twilight actors?
JAMIE: Yes, that's why we tried to get away from that idea to the fullest. I do not want the character to get in my life, because can destroy you. I think for Twilight actors it was ten billion times worse than for us. Robert and Kristen were together in real life and that fueled the dream and the madness.

Does Grey's mind leave sequels? I say it because in the past Michael Douglas and David Duchovny ended up in Sex Addicts and Love Anonymous for their characters ...
JAMIE: It's not easy to get in and out of Grey's mind, he's a very complicated guy, but no, he has not left me any sequels. At least for now (laughs).

Has Grey contributed to the accumulation of projects at your table?
JAMIE: Yes, I'm working non-stop. I would not be satisfied if I only make studio films. I like independent films, television series, theater. Soon, I start to shoot a new version of Robin Hood, I want to find a balance in my career.

Are you going to keep the beard for your next movie?
JAMIE: Obviously it seems like you do not like it (laughs). I look better with a beard and I'll tell you the truth, above all else, I'm a bum and I have two small children ... so I can not even go to the bathroom because I do not have time to shave when I am with them.

Are you one of those parents who are involved in care of their children?
JAMIE: Yes, I do not understand being a father any other way and I do not want to miss a minute with them.

Did you find uncomfortable to become an erotic icon?
JAMIE: I refuse to think about it. If this is how the public wants to see me, I accept it, but I can not accept it personally. If you consider yourself a sex symbol or an erotic icon you are lost. If I believe it,  I would hate me immediately.

Does that mean that we will not see you playing many more films in the style of Grey's trilogy?
JAMIE: I do not think so. I know this type of films must exist, but I hope they offer me other types of stories, with other themes.

How is your relationship with the fans through social networks?
JAMIE: There was a time when I was in it, but not anymore. I understand the importance of relating to fans, I respect them a lot, however, I find many dangers in social networks. I left them because, just as you find admirers, you face complicated people and too much interaction can become something dangerous. To open you so much is good if you are single and you live alone, but if you have a family it is important to protect them from the frightening things that you can get to tell your family the internet freaks. I do not want to feed that and I preferred to close, people can be horrible.

Will you ever live in Los Angeles?
JAMIE: No, that never. I am very happy living in rural England and I will come to Los Angeles a lot because it is the epicenter of this business.